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Spotted Gum NSW

This delightful floor is part of a renovation. It adds great colour and a wonderfully detailed look. Rich colours in this case are enhanced through the application of OSMO 3032 oil. The floor is installed using the super strong Sika MB & T55 system.

Blackbutt Floors

Some people aren’t sure what the hype about Blackbutt is all about. If you are wondering then these images might help you to decide. Blackbutt is a hard-wearing Australian Hardwood that suits contemporary designed homes with lots of light combining with modern fittings.

Finishing Touch

Quad, Splay or Skirting? Just when you think you have made all the decisions with the floor up pops another one. What choice of trims will you make? Not just carpet trims or transition trims from timber to tiles etc. There are many more lineal metes of trims to be fitted as the finishing touch

Best Oil For Decks

Ask any business about their coatings and they all have different recommendations. If you talked to 10 different coatings manufacturers about floor oils and asked which was the best you would walk away with 10 different answers. The one consistent feature of the answers is likely to be that you need an oil. The reason

Engineered Steps

It just never looks great. Engineered and solid side by side have a very different look. That is why we are excited to offer steps made in engineered materials with perfectly machined nosing so that the look is always consistent throughout the floor. We have been able to supply steps that appear solid in engineered


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