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Bona HD

Bona Traffic HD, a premium quality, waterborne finish, holds first place as the paramount product for commercial applications that struggle with high durability demands and significantly limited downtime. Given the pressures of traffic and wear in commercial settings, this two-component finish emerges as an extraordinary solution, designed specifically to withstand the rigorous demands of high footfall areas. It can significantly extend the lifespan of your floor, reducing maintenance costs over time.

Available in two sheen levels, satin and extra matte, Bona Traffic HD not only wrangles with heavy foot traffic but also provides a pleasing aesthetic finish. Whilst it is a stalwart standard in commercial situations such as retail stores, halls, museums, art galleries, and public spaces, it has also proven to be a strikingly superior choice in domestic areas as well.

Bona Traffic HD is a more advanced version of its predecessor, Bona Traffic. Whilst retaining all the advantages of Bona Traffic, it is further enhanced for augmented durability, robustness, and wear resistance. What sets Bona Traffic HD apart is its exceptional curing time. Under reasonable conditions, commercial floors finished with Bona Traffic HD can be reinstated to full-fledged use within just 24 hours.

For the places where extreme levels of traffic and wear are expected, choose Bona Traffic HD. It is resilience personified, unequaled in quality.

Upgrade to Bona Traffic HD and witness the evolution towards hassle-free, efficient maintenance for your floors.Bona Traffic HD Perth

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