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Bona HD

Bona Traffic HD, a premium quality, waterborne finish, holds first place as the paramount product for commercial applications that struggle with high durability demands and significantly limited downtime. Given the pressures of traffic and wear in commercial settings, this two-component finish emerges as an extraordinary solution, designed specifically to withstand the rigorous demands of high

Team Expansion Here At VCS

Here at VCS, we like working with timber and we have a genuine interest in timber. As a result, our team has a lot of experience. Recently we were delighted to sign up a new team member to join VCS who has worked here previously. Heath Flatters has extensive experience in timber flooring and is

Flooring To Suit Your Lifestyle

  For over three decades, VCS has been a local supplier to the timber flooring industry, upholding a legacy of quality craftsmanship and unbeatable service since 1989. Our reputation for quality is deeply rooted in the extensive variety of timber flooring products that we offer. in Perth, VCS Solid Timber Floors is your local supplier

ANTI SLIP That Looks Great!

The question of ANTI SLIP floors is a big one. For years we have simply used coatings with good traction but now the whole issue of anti-slip surfaces has come to the fore. Some are frankly ugly! Who wants to apply tapes over a surface. Then too what about broadcasting [sprinkling] sand onto the surface

Custom Looks

Timber looks and feels amazing. It can be used in all sorts of situations.   OSMO Oils are an excellent choice for timber protection and for introducing tints and tones, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. Here’s why: Enhanced Durability: OSMO Oils penetrate deep into the timber, fortifying it from within and enhancing

OSMO – Sustainable Finishes Based on Renewable Resources

OSMO Oil coatings are known for their sustainable features and use of environmentally friendly ingredients. Here are some key aspects of OSMO Oil coatings that contribute to their sustainability: Key Advantages Natural Ingredients: OSMO Oil coatings are formulated using natural plant-based oils and waxes, such as sunflower, soybean, linseed, and carnauba wax. These ingredients are