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Team Expansion Here At VCS

Here at VCS, we like working with timber and we have a genuine interest in timber. As a result, our team has a lot of experience. Recently we were delighted to sign up a new team member to join VCS who has worked here previously. Heath Flatters has extensive experience in timber flooring and is

Adding A Hint of White

Adding a white tint to timber flooring and furniture can offer several aesthetic and practical benefits. Here are some reasons why this design choice can be valuable: Light and Airy Aesthetic: A white tint can make timber flooring and furniture appear light, fresh, and airy. It can brighten up a space, making it feel more

ANTI SLIP That Looks Great!

The question of ANTI SLIP floors is a big one. For years we have simply used coatings with good traction but now the whole issue of anti-slip surfaces has come to the fore. Some are frankly ugly! Who wants to apply tapes over a surface. Then too what about broadcasting [sprinkling] sand onto the surface

The Complex Use of Black on Timber

The Complexity of Black: The idea of black in timber colouring is not a singular conventional concept; it is, in fact, a vast spectrum of ideas each differing from the other. Different individuals engage with this idea of black differently according to their unique tastes and aesthetic preferences. For some, black is about the absolute,