OSMO Natural Wood Oils

Buy OSMO Oils in Perth, WA at VCS Solid Timber Floors

VCS Solid Timber Floors is proud to be a preferred stockist of OSMO products. You can buy OSMO oils in WA from us with confidence that you’re getting great value for money on a coating that’s preferred by leading flooring professionals across the country.

The OSMO products combine natural oils and waxes. This is a genuine oil/wax combination. This is in contrast to a number of oil products that are essentially petroleum derivatives with small quantities of oil included. These are the most natural looking floor finishes. Osmo is simply the best possible oil that you can use in your flooring application. With over 30 years experience in timber flooring it takes a lot to impress the team here at VCS. But this Osmo range certainly does impress.

The Polyx formulation works in a unique manner. Traditional polyurethane timber floor coatings work on the basis of putting a protective coat on top of the surface of the timber. Traditional oils alone, often thinned considerably in the petroleum-based derivative, are designed to penetrate into the timber surface only.

Polyx is uniquely different in that it protects both above and below the surface of the timber.

OSMO developed a way of breaking down the oils and waxes so that they have very significant penetrating qualities. So long as the timber is sanded correctly when you apply a coating of Polyx oil some of the product will penetrate into the timber whereas some will sit on the surface. Thus it can be seen that the Polyx product is designed to achieve in part what alternative coatings can achieve in smaller measure.

This has resulted in timber floors that have been coated in an oil formulation from OSMO enduring for well beyond nine years. This figure is unheard of with traditional oil coatings.

While comparable to polyurethane coatings it does have one unique difference and that is that it is totally repairable in each location. This makes maintenance of the floor very easy and much less demanding.

We stock the entire range of OSMO oils at our Perth warehouse.


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